Scrap Metal Selling: What To Know

20 December 2017
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Your curiosity about the sale of metal scraps could have come from anywhere. You may know someone who already does it or became aware of the practice when looking for parts for one of your old cars. However you learned about selling off metal scraps, getting into scrap metal services does take some learning before you excel at it. With these details, sales will be more productive. Use Appropriate Gear Read More 

Four Places To Find Scrap Metal For Recycling

11 October 2017
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If you are looking for a way to bring in some extra cash, then scrap metal recycling could be just the thing. Depending on the type of metal, this can be quite the lucrative side hustle. Begin by contact local scrap buyers to see what they accept and what the daily price is for various types of scrap. Then, use the following guide to find your own sources for scrap metal in your area. Read More 

Forget The Steel: 3 Common Metals That Are Worth Collecting And Recycling For Cash

17 July 2017
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Steel and tin are some of the most common metals that are recycled by places like Industrial Services Inc but you need a lot to get cash for your efforts. Recycling other metals will help you get more from your efforts. Other common metals that get you more when recycling include aluminum, copper and alloy metals. Here are some of the common metals that will be worth more than steel: 1. The Aluminum Materials That Often Get Thrown Out Read More