Scrap Metal Selling: What To Know

20 December 2017
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Your curiosity about the sale of metal scraps could have come from anywhere. You may know someone who already does it or became aware of the practice when looking for parts for one of your old cars. However you learned about selling off metal scraps, getting into scrap metal services does take some learning before you excel at it. With these details, sales will be more productive.

Use Appropriate Gear

If you're serious about selling, you will need to be as serious about protecting yourself and having appropriate equipment. Thick gloves, for instance, are vital. Goggles and hard boots are are smart. As for work equipment, pliers and wire-cutters are important, but a powerful magnet is as well. Magnets will help you sort metals between those containing iron--ferrous metals--and those that aren't, such as copper. Non-ferrous materials are often better moneymakers, so being able to make that distinction out in the field is essential.

Don't Mix Metals

Different metals command a range of different prices. That's why you should always fight the temptation to bring a load of metal you've collected directly to a recycling center. It should go to your workspace or home first so you can do the work of separating out similar metals. When you've got bundles of various types, then take the metal in to get an idea of payment. If you lump it all together, your pay will usually be lower.

Know Different Values

To help yourself, look at online or newspaper valuations for the copper, aluminum and other metals you're collecting. Your aim should be to sell as much over market value as you're able to. Consulting different recycling personnel will alert you to which centers will pay the most for what you'll provide.

Find Suppliers

If you've got any competition in your town, you need to be smart about finding new places to get your scrap metal. You may, for instance, currently be targeting salvage yards or individuals with a lot of metal equipment. However, to keep money coming in, you may investigate mechanics or appliance stores that do repairs. If different retailers or service contractors can give you their metal, use it. 

Selling metal is productive, if these scrap suggestions are taken seriously. Research common metals and learn how best to extract them from machines, appliances and equipment.With help from nearby local sellers and the recycling centers themselves, success is a reasonable goal. Contact a company, like Freedom Metals LLC, for more help.