Forget The Steel: 3 Common Metals That Are Worth Collecting And Recycling For Cash

17 July 2017
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Steel and tin are some of the most common metals that are recycled by places like Industrial Services Inc but you need a lot to get cash for your efforts. Recycling other metals will help you get more from your efforts. Other common metals that get you more when recycling include aluminum, copper and alloy metals. Here are some of the common metals that will be worth more than steel:

1. The Aluminum Materials That Often Get Thrown Out

Steel and tin are not the only materials used for many common metal goods. Aluminum is a metal that can be found everywhere. Anything that needs to be affordable and lightweight is made from aluminum. You can find aluminum in old building products like siding, car parts, and lightweight equipment like ladders and scaffolding.

2. Finding Copper and Brass Materials That Are Valuable

Copper is another material that can be found in many different place, such as the wiring in your home, old pipes and in electric motors. Sometimes, it is worth a little extra effort to get the copper out of old appliances and other objects with electric motors. In addition, fittings for all types of plumbing have brass and copper fittings that can add up quickly when you take them to a metal recycling service. Save fittings in large paint buckets; organize the fittings by color. The redder brass fitting have more copper and are worth more when recycling them, while the lighter fittings are worth less because they do not contain as much copper.

3. Silver and Other Precious Metals That Can Be Found In Scrap

There are also precious metals that sometimes get overlooked when scrapping metal. Silver is a material that is commonly used for electrical connections, and it can be found in a lot of disregarded electrical equipment. When you are removing old motors from electrical equipment, look for silver components; pay special attention to areas with switches and relays that have metal connections. Gold and platinum may also be found in electrical equipment, but more commonly in electronics with circuit boards. Collect any circuit boards to recover the gold from the when you have a lot of them.

Recycling steel is worth the work, but looking for other more valuable metals is also worth the effort. If you have metals that you are ready to recycle, contact a recycling service to get the cash for the different types of materials you have collected.