Bottles And Rebar – Building A Wall To Admire

19 April 2016
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There are all kinds of ways for you to recycle the recyclables around your home. You can simply send them for recycling at the North Hill Bottle Depot Ltd Calgary or a similar location, or you can repurpose them around your home creatively. If you have a pile of glass bottles sitting around that you don't know what to do with, consider getting some rebar and transforming that pile of glass bottles into a beautiful accent wall. Read More 

Uses For Cardboard And Scrap Metal

2 March 2016
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If you have a good amount of cardboard boxes and pieces of scrap metal gathering in your garage and around your yard, you can clear some of it out while you put those things to good use by repurposing them. This will help you to get your garage and yard in order while you get some use out of those things. This article will help you to get started on clean up in a very productive manner. Read More 

Three Questions To Ask When Renting A Recycling Bin

26 February 2016
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Whether you're getting ready to do a major home decluttering or you're involved in a recycling fundraiser for your child's school group or sports team, renting a large recycling bin can provide you with the ideal receptacle for handling the items. Renting this type of bin means that you won't need to take repeated trips to your local recycling facility; instead, you simply arrange to have the bin delivered to the destination of your choice and then schedule a time and date that it will be picked up. Read More