Uses For Cardboard And Scrap Metal

2 March 2016
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If you have a good amount of cardboard boxes and pieces of scrap metal gathering in your garage and around your yard, you can clear some of it out while you put those things to good use by repurposing them. This will help you to get your garage and yard in order while you get some use out of those things. This article will help you to get started on clean up in a very productive manner.

Use the cardboard to protect your garage flooring

If you park your car in the garage then there is always the chance that the car will experience an oil leak. If this happens, the oil will leak right on the flooring of the garage and cause stains that can be difficult to get out. Cut cardboard boxes so they lay flat and tape them to the floor under the area where the car motor is located. This way, the cardboard will capture any of that oil, keeping the floor looking great.

Make a cat scratching post out of cardboard

If you have a cat then you can make a cat scratching post for them that will help you to convince them to leave your furniture and carpet alone. Flatten a few cardboard boxes and roll the together as tightly as you can. Use duct tape around them to keep them rolled up and set the roll on end. Duct tape the base to a flat piece of cardboard so it stands properly. Sprinkle some catnip in the crevices of the cardboard so your cat will be more attracted to it and set it up in your home.

Make flower beds out of scrap metal

You can make a nice flowerbed out of certain types of scrap metal you may have laying around your yard. If you have an old wheel barrel, metal tub or large metal boxes, then they can easily be turned into great flower beds that add a lot of character to your yard. To keep them looking rustic, you can simply clean them by using a hose and high-powered nozzle, then fill them with soil and plant flowers in them.

By using your cardboard and scrap metal for other purposes, you can clear out your garage and yard while being creative. You can have everything that's left picked up by a recycling service to finish getting it out of your way. To learn more, contact a company like Recycle-It Resource Recovery Recycling