Three Questions To Ask When Renting A Recycling Bin

26 February 2016
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Whether you're getting ready to do a major home decluttering or you're involved in a recycling fundraiser for your child's school group or sports team, renting a large recycling bin can provide you with the ideal receptacle for handling the items. Renting this type of bin means that you won't need to take repeated trips to your local recycling facility; instead, you simply arrange to have the bin delivered to the destination of your choice and then schedule a time and date that it will be picked up. If you have multiple bin rental services in your community, talking to a few and asking these questions can help you select the right company.

Will The Bin Be Clean When It Arrives?

Reputable bin rental services make sure to thoroughly clean their bins between each rental. Asking this question can help you identify the company that takes this approach. Even though you'll be filling the bin with recyclable goods that you're disposing of, you don't want to have a dirty and smelly bin arrive–especially if it's going to be sitting in your driveway for several days while you declutter your home.

What Happens If The Bin Fills With Water?

When you rent a recycling bin from a rental company, it's important to understand the pricing rules. Some companies charge their customers a flat rate; basically, you'll pay one rate for whatever you can load in the bin. Other companies charge you a rental fee and then charge you based on how much weight you've loaded into the bin. If you've opted for the latter pricing strategy, you might be concerned if it rains heavily while you have the bin, as the water could add weight. All reputable companies will make sure to check if there's water in the bin and, if so, remove a plug at the bottom of the bin to drain the water and ensure that you're not paying for its weight.

Which Recyclable Items Can I Place In The Bin?

It's important that you have a clear understanding of the nature of the items that you can load into your rented recycle bin. Depending on the recycling services offered in your community, you might have to restrict the items in the bin strictly to cardboard and paper products. If the rental company indicates that you can mix various recyclable goods, ensure that all plastics are taken. In some areas, only certain types of plastics–as identified by the number next to the recycling logo on the bottom of the container–can be recycled.

For more information on bin rentals, check with a service in your area.