3 Tips To Help You Get More Cash For Your Scrap Aluminum

11 August 2022
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Recycling your old aluminum products is not only great for the environment, but it can also be great for your wallet as well. This is because aluminum recycling centers will not only take your old scrap metal off your hands, but they will actually pay you for this scrap as well. Best of all, with the help of the simple tips below, you can be sure you are getting top dollar each time you take your scrap aluminum in to be recycled. 

#1: Be Sure You Have Separated Any Other Metals From Your Aluminum 

Scrap metal recycling centers typically base their prices on which type of metal you are recycling. This is because different types of metal have different supply and demand levels which influence their value. In order to get the most money for high-demand metals, such as aluminum, you will need to make sure that you have separated these metals from less valuable metals, such as tin or steel. If you bring in a load of mixed metals, you will be paid the lowest price for everything in your load. Consequently, it is well worth your time to sort through your load and separate all of your aluminum before taking it to the recycling center. 

#2: Make Sure Your Items Are Free Of Debris

There is no need for your scrap aluminum to be in pristine condition when you take it in for recycling. However, if your items have excess debris, you will typically be paid a lower rate. This is because items with excessive debris will need to be cleaned by the recycling center before they can go through the recycling process. One very common example of this is aluminum soda cans that still have some soda inside or that have been used as an ashtray. If you really want to get the most money for your aluminum, taking just a moment to remove any debris can help you to accomplish this goal. 

#3: Consider Waiting Until You Have A Bigger Load

If you run down to the recycling center each time you have a bag full of aluminum cans, you may not be getting as much money as you could for your items. This is because many aluminum recycling centers offer a higher rate if your load exceeds a certain weight. Consequently, you could actually earn more by waiting until you have a bigger load rather than making frequent trips to the recycling center. 

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