3 Tips To Follow When Recycling Paper Waste

22 March 2022
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A lot of paper waste can be generated in an office setting. As the pressure to recycle goods continues to rise, more and more offices are choosing to recycle their paper waste rather than toss it into the garbage.

Most paper products can easily be recycled, but there are some exceptions. Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure you are recycling your paper waste properly.

1. Sort Your Paper Waste

It is essential that you take the time to sort your paper waste before attempting to recycle it if you want to maximize your success. One of the biggest mistakes that office managers make is assuming that all paper goods can be thrown into the same recycling bin. This isn't the case. Papers that contain plastic or wax (like butcher paper or parchment paper) cannot be recycled using the same techniques used to recycle printer paper. Separating all of your paper waste by type will help you get each recycle bin to the facility that is capable of recycling that specific type of paper.

2. Check the Condition of Paper Waste

In addition to separating paper waste by type, you will want to check the condition of all paper waste before tossing it into the recycling bin. Any papers that have been torn or crumpled can easily be recycled. Shredded paper waste cannot be recycled. Running paper through a shredder shortens the fibers of the paper too much to allow for effective recycling. Evaluate your options before shredding all of your paper waste so that you can recycle as much paper as possible.

3. Avoid Mixed Media Paper Waste

You don't want any of the paper waste that your office places into a recycling bin to contain mixed media. Some examples of mixed media paper waste can include envelopes with plastic windows, product packaging with attached films, and any paper item that has been stained by foods or beverages. Mixed media paper goods can create major problems for a recycling facility. Any non-paper materials that end up in your recycling bin could contaminate an entire bale of recycled paper fiber. Remove all plastic films or attachments from your paper goods before they are thrown into the recycle bin.

It's not enough to just recycle, you need to recycle the right way. Your office can elevate the efficiency of its paper waste recycling efforts by sorting the waste, keeping it intact, and removing any plastic or film prior to recycling. 

For more information, contact a recycling solutions company in your area.