Want To Use Rocks For Landscaping? Tips To Get Recycled Rocks And How To Use Them

20 June 2018
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There are many ways you can use rocks to enhance your current landscaping or to start with a new landscaping project. If you want to use rocks, buying them from a garden center or other establishment can be expensive. Instead, you should purchase recycled rocks. This is not only less expensive, but you also help the environment. Below is some information about how to get recycled rocks, and different ways you can use them in your landscaping.

Purchasing Recycled Landscaping Rocks

If there are any rock companies in your area, they likely have a lot of rocks you can purchase. Some of these companies may even give you some rocks if they have a lot of them. You can also talk with friends and ask if they have extra rocks or look online for people that may be selling or giving away landscaping rocks.

Once you find the rocks, make sure you get a variety of them in different sizes, colors, and shapes to make your landscaping look interesting.

Using Landscaping Rocks

If you currently have a flower garden, you can use the landscaping rocks to put an edging around the garden. This not only looks nice but will keep grass and weeds from growing into the flower garden, which can save you a lot of time. You can also put the landscaping rocks in the flower garden to use them like mulch. This is another way to prevent weeds from growing. If you do this, do not put the landscaping rocks directly around the base of the flowers, as this will smother the flowers and prevent water from getting down into the roots.

If you have an area where you need a path, you can use landscaping rocks to create a beautiful path or walkway. You may want a path that leads to your flower garden, a patio, or a pool.

Another way to use the landscaping rocks is to create a rock garden. This works well if you have a hill in your yard that is difficult for you to manage, such as mowing, you can use landscaping rocks to create a rock garden. Set the rocks into the hill in a way that creates an area for you to plant flowers and other types of plants.

If you have a lot of landscaping rocks left over after you finish with your landscaping, you need to take them to a recycling center that recycles rocks. Offer the rocks to your neighbors or sell or give them to a local garden center. Contact a company like Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc for more information and assistance.