Ready To Clear Out Your Yard And Make Some Money? How To Get The Most For Your Scrap Metal Recyclables

6 April 2018
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If you're looking for a way to grab some extra cash, you need to start recycling. You might not have given this much thought, but you should. You can actually make some money taking your scrap metal to the recycling center. Before you start with the recycling though, you will need to know a few things. Here are three steps that will help you get the most cash for your scrap metal recyclables.

Know What Metal You Have

If you've got a lot of scrap metal lying around the yard, and you're not sure what type of metal it is, it's time to give it the magnet test. Using an ordinary magnet will let you know whether you're looking at basic ferrous metal or the higher grade non-ferrous metal. Ferrous metals include things like steel and iron.

Your non-ferrous metals include copper, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. To identify the type of metal you have, place a magnet on it. If the magnet sticks, you're looking at ferrous metal, which has little value. If the magnet doesn't stick, you're looking at non-ferrous metal, which is much more valuable in the recycling business.

Keep Your Metal Separate

When it comes to making sure that you get the most money for your scrap metal, you want to make sure that you keep everything separate. When you arrive at the recycling center, you want to be able to know which container holds the ferrous metal, and which one holds the non-ferrous metal.

Not only will this speed up the process, but it will also ensure that you're paid the right price for your metal. If you've got non-ferrous metal at the bottom of your ferrous metal container, the workers at the recycling center might not see it. If that happens, you could receive a lower price for the non-ferrous metal. Speed up the process, and avoid confusion, by separating your metal before you arrive.

Don't Skip the Aluminum Cans

If you're looking for the higher value metal, you may decide just to toss your aluminum cans in the curbside recycling bin. While that does ensure that the cans are recycled properly, it doesn't put money in your pocket. You may not get as much for the aluminum cans as you will for your copper, but it's still a good chunk of change, especially if you have a lot of cans.

Don't throw money away. Collect all the scrap metal you have in your yard and take it to a local scrap metal recycling center.